The Property Acquired website, at this stage in our natural evolution, has been created as an online destination for us to share important information about our business. This information is being provided for public consumption and you may use our Contact Us page anytime to begin a conversation with us should you have additional questions.
Transparently Property Acquired, a subsidiary of our parent company "Henton Group LLC" will be raising private capital from individual(s) and group(s) who may have an interest in working with us for mutual benefit. The information provided on this website will assist us in an easy delivery process for our pitch-deck and collateral materials.
Property Acquired is and will continue to seek to form mutually beneficial cooperative partnerships and strategic alliances with other companies and individuals who we can add benefit to and who will benefit us. Some of these new relationships will allow us the privilege to add API (application programming interface) to our new website and mobile apps creating useful tools for our Users to utilize on our platform.
Property Acquired shall adhere to all applicable state and federal aspects of compliance and regulatory oversight without reservation or hesitation. The information provided on our current website platform will evolve and this evolution will lead to content changes as we deem it necessary. Please check back often for regular updates as we build a custom website and mobile app platform that we feel will benefit all of our users and subscribers.