Hello, my name is Seifuddin Henton.

Call me Coach.

My name is Seifuddin Henton, however my Clients, Friends and Business Associates call me Coach or Coach Henton. Thank you for taking the time to review this website and interact with me. The purpose of this "informational website" is to provide information as my Team and I build an amazing mobile app and website platform that we will launch soon.

This new platform is unlike anything online today and we will make the learning experience for becoming a real-estate investor or scaling your real-estate investment initiatives fun, easy and incredibly beneficial. As an entrepreneur I have had my ups and downs however the knowledge I have gained I have chosen to share economically with others seeking to improve their income.

I have and currently am buying, selling and in some cases retaining for rental income properties without credit or capital to do so. My education package, soon to be available in an easy to consume format of videos, will be available at a low month cost. Please take a look around and feel free to contact me anytime through our Contact Us page and I or a member of my Team will reply as promptly as possible.

Here are some of the basics about myself:
  • Born 10/15/1983 in Queens, NY.
  • Real Estate in my family started with my great grandfather. He moved from Jamaica to NYC. He brought many houses and a few apartment buildings. He also was a private lender.
  • I started off as a NY state licensed real estate sales agent.
  • Real Estate investor: Own properties in Manhattan & Atlanta.
  • Author: Published a couple books, Staying Happy Book & The Art of Success book.
  • Clothing owner: Own a clothing brand Rich Fatherhood.
  • Speaker: Booked with Les Brown in San Diego December, 2018.