Our evolution continues...

Property Acquired Inc., formed as a corporation registered with the Georgia Secretary of State on 6/09/22 has chosen to keep the www.propertyacquired.com website the current pitch-deck as it currently is and then evolve this site into the sophisticated website that will mirror the mobile app we are designing for it.
The link below is a redirect to our new website for ACQ'd that will be the brand and image for Property Acquired which has evolved into a Holdings Company. Our new direction will be a focus on acquiring and creating new hard, digital, soft and virtual assets that encompass one or more of the following four characteristics:
  1. ACQ'd will purchase or obtain through an agreement, an equity position into new businesses, projects and ventures that are maing money or that can become profitable in a short period of time.
  2. ACQ'd will create new auto-pilot income generating businesses, projects or ventures that we control the dynamics of to ensure profitability.
  3. ACQ'd will have individual CBDT (core business development team) member(s) sit on the Boards of Directors for specific businesses, projects or ventures as an influencer and active participant.
  4. ACQ'd will partially or fully fund new businesses, projects and ventures that have incredible potential with a focus on innovation and technological advances.
There is more news to come so visit our website at... URL coming soon