About Us

Hello, my name is Seifuddin Henton and most people refer to me as either Coach or Coach Henton. I have a passion for purchasing, remodeling and reselling real-estate. As a seasoned real-estate investor, and mostly out of my own needs, I developed a method to buy real-estate without any money or any personal credit.
I have created Property Acquired to become an educational platform for me to share my strategies and techniques with "You" and I am so glad you are now visiting this website. This site is designed to be an informational platform as my Team build out the sophisticated, yet easy to use, mobile apps and website where I will be giving access to my real-estate investing program for a very low monthly subscription fee.
I have a lot of success however it did not come without a lot of failure. I am excited about walking you through my program so that you can become a real-estate investor and add additional income or even build a business that you are passionate about.
My "mostly video based" real-estate investing program consists of 5 minute videos on various subjects making consumption of the material easy and enjoyable. I then elaborate in additional videos on each subject, but I do not stop there. I add new videos and other content every week to my program giving you a unique look into what I do and how I do it when dealing with my own real-estate investments.
This website is not the "final site" because we are building it now and working on the Android and iPhone mobile apps and as soon as this new site is completed, this site will be updated. Use the Contact Us page to communicate with me anytime and I or a member of my Team will reply as quickly as we can.